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To contact Mrs. Lyons, please email



Hello and welcome to the 2019-2020 school year! This year I will be communicating with parents using e-mail sent through the Parent Portal. This means that the e-mail associated with your child’s account is the e-mail that you will receive messages from me. If you have not received my first two e-mails of the year, it is because currently you have no e-mail address identified in the portal. Please follow these instructions to input your contact information:

· Log on to the portal and select the child that is enrolled in this Math class.

· In the top right corner of the screen click Settings and choose Alerts from the dropdown window.

· On this screen, in the section entitled “E-mail to” you can add up to 3 e-mail addresses to receive information. You may want to also add your child’s e-mail if they have one, so that they may receive my e-mails as well.

· You can also get weekly grade reports or select to be e-mailed when your child has missing assignments if you so desire.


Thank you for attending to this task as soon as possibl